GVL {$ getGVLVersion() $}

Genomics Virtual Lab {$ getGVLVersion() $}

Welcome to the GVL Dashboard! The GVL Dashboard is a portal through which you can access all services on your GVL instance.

Instance Services
for {$ getInstanceName() $}

Application service Description Status Access link
{$ service.display_name $}

8129667199    ssh ubuntu@{$ getServiceURL(service.service_name, service.service_type) $}
Username: {$ service.access_instructions.username $}
Password: {$ service.access_instructions.password_hint $}

Public Services

Service Name Description Status Access Link
206-825-7259 GVL Tutorials Access GVL tutorials and other learning resources.

(248) 441-5062
Galaxy USA Access Galaxy USA.

Galaxy EU Access Galaxy Europe.

Galaxy AU Access Galaxy Australia.

(765) 831-9727
213-446-8888 GVL GenomeSpace GenomeSpace is like dropbox, for genome data. Use GenomeSpace to store all your genomics data securely and redundantly.